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亚博足彩appFounded in 2015, Jiaxing Zhuye Trading Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven enterprise focusing on the research and development and sales of new materials in the textile field. At present, it has achieved the initial sales target of new products in two subdivisions of textile sizing (high performance saturated polyester resin) and printing and dyeing deepening (special deepening agent), and obtained good market feedback for further development. Growing up has laid a solid foundation.

Technically, Shuye has established stable cooperative relations with Suzhou Hanhai Polymer Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hanhai New Materials Co., Ltd., Dongfang Chemical Factory, Jiaxing Dongxiao New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hanhai New Materials Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Hantian Textile New Materials Co., Ltd. and other enterprises. relying on Hanhai Laboratory, it has developed saturated water-borne polyester resin for performance and cost. Continuous improvement, continuous research and development and innovation on the basis of existing mature projects, go hand in hand to establish their own position in the field of polyester resin; relying on the Oriental Textile Laboratory, in the field of textile auxiliaries, continue to develop corresponding solutions for various enterprises with different production environments, equipment, workers and raw materials, to form irreplaceable matching clothes in a short period of time. Business plan to consolidate their market position.

亚博足彩appIn production, with the above companies have also formed a sharing mechanism of equipment, venues and personnel, to minimize equipment vacancies, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Sales, Shuye direct marketing and distribution parallel, has fixed direct terminal customers in Xiangfan, Qingdao, Nantong, and initial cooperation in Taizhou, Hangzhou distributor customers. Next, the company will continue to adhere to our products and our hearts, to point to face, to make a reputation in the corresponding fields, to become a well-known brand in the industry.

亚博足彩app"From chemical industry, finally chemical industry" is the direction that Shuye Company adhered to at the beginning of its founding. After years of market impact and test, we firmly believe that we want and can make achievements in the chemical industry, the ultimate goal is to become a unique boat floating in the Red Sea of Chinese chemical enterprises.

亚博足彩app"Attitude, sharing, delicacy and service" is the foundation of our business. Attitude is not a lovely coat, but a dazzling business card. Truth and sincerity will be our unique label in your heart. Sharing is the key to human development. People and enterprises who do not know how to share may gain temporary benefits, but believe that they will eventually be drowned by the torrent of human progress. Delicacy is the highest requirement for products and images. In our view, quality is only just passing the exam, and beauty in order to make a dull business better; the key to service lies in awareness, think what others think is our highest program.

A sense of crisis is our driving force, and learning and exploration are our code of conduct. Always see the strengths and strengths of others, learn and improve, close to the shoulders of giants, always full of fighting power, surpass predecessors, and rise to new heights. There are no irreplaceable people and things in the market, demand-oriented, always do more than others, whether it is service or product or image, eventually can open up a piece of world belonging to Hantian itself.